Nokia gewinnt gegen HTC in Deutschland – Bald Verkaufsverbot?

Nokia gewinnt gegen HTC in Deutschland - Bald Verkaufsverbot? 1

Nokia konnte wiederholt gegen HTC in einem Gerichtsverfahren gewinnen und somit werden HTC-Smartphones wohl bald ein Verkaufsverbot in ganz Deutschland erfahren. Es ging um ein USB-Patent (EP1148681), welches in Nokias Hand liegt worum es um Datenaustausch geht. Nokias Patent beschreibt den Austausch mittels zweier Geräte mit NFC und Bluetooth.

Nokia äußerte sich wie folgt:

Nokia is pleased that the Regional Court in Munich, Germany has today ruled that any HTC product using Bluetooth or NFC connections infringes Nokia’s patent EP 1 148 681, which covers the transfer of network resource information between mobile devices.

This judgment enables Nokia to enforce an injunction against the import and sale of all infringing HTC products in Germany, as well as to obtain damages for past infringement. This follows another ruling from the same court ten days earlier, which found that HTC products infringed Nokia’s USB patent EP 1 246 071 and granting Nokia right to an injunction and damages against products infringing that patent.

Nokia began its actions against HTC in 2012, with the aim of ending HTC’s unauthorised use of Nokia’s proprietary innovations and has asserted more than 50 patents against HTC. During 2013, Nokia believes it has demonstrated beyond doubt the extent to which HTC has been free riding on Nokia technologies, with HTC found to infringe seven Nokia patents in venues including the Regional Courts in Mannheim and Munich, Germany, the UK High Court and the US International Trade Commission. HTC’s first New Year’s resolution for 2014 should be to stop this free riding and compete fairly in the market.

Quelle: Engadget / Foss Patents

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