Xbox One: Neues Update im September mit neuen Funktionen

Xbox One: Neues Update im September mit neuen Funktionen 1

Das neue Xbox One Update befindet sich nun seit zwei Tagen im Rollout, dies teilte Larry Hrybm, der „Director of Programming“ via Twitter mit. Bei einem Rollout hat nicht jeder sofort das Update, es kann aber in den Einstellungen überprüft werden.

Das neue Update der Xbox One hat folgende neue Funktionen:

  • New Media Player app, allowing users to play media files from connected USB storage devices. This feature is being introduced in a limited capacity today – DLNA support for home media servers is „coming soon“, and support for new file formats such as MPEG-2 TS, MKV and animated gifs will be „added by the end of the year.“
  • Improved Party app, with more granular options, and more visibility for the activities that your friends are engaged in.
  • SmartGlass features – new comment and share features, as well as a personalized Activity Feed on your profile, and conversation view for messages. You can also record game clips directly from the ‚Now Playing‘ bar, and a ‚What’s New‘ page has been added to draw attention to new features that are added to the SmartGlass app in future updates.
  • „Xbox On“ voice command now supported in Australia, Italy, Spain and Mexico, as well as adding support for French in Canada.
  • Boot to TV – The Xbox One can now boot directly to television when coming out of connected standby.
  • GameDVR – You can now delete multiple GameDVR clips at the same time in the Upload app.
  • Save your Avatar Gamerpic to your OneDrive.

Interessant ist, dass Microsoft die TV-Funktion weiter ausbaut, so kann diese nun automatisch gestartet werden. Liegt die Zukunft im TV-Bereich?

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